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Greetings from CEO

Greetings from CEO

ceo_윤채옥님 사진

Chae-Ok Yun Ph.D.

  • Founder of GeneMedicine Co., Ltd.
  • CEO and CTO of GeneMedicine Co., Ltd.
  • Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea
  • Member, The National Academy of Engineering of Korea

Genemedicine CEO

I have been rigorously developing oncolytic virus and gene therapeutic for 25 years. I have endlessly strived toward developing innovative oncolytic virus platform that can overcome various technological limitations of conventional platforms.

Through endless hours of research and commitment, GeneMedicine Co., Ltd., has secured globally competitive technologies that encompass state-of-the-art innovations. Although the viruses’ potential application as cancer therapeutic has been recognized for several decades, currently marketed oncolytic viruses as those in on-going clinical trials have several core technological limitations and thus fail to elicit optimal therapeutic effect. To address these technological bottlenecks and overcome the limitations of oncolytic viruses, all members of GeneMedicine Co., Ltd., will continue to perform its development in a rigorous and diligent manner.

I promise that GeneMedicine Co., Ltd., will use its technological prowess to develop world’s best oncolytic virus in order to become a leader in the field of global healthcare and continue to revolutionize the biotechnology industry.

  • Competent leader illustrated by her work as editor-in-chief for world’s best academic journal specializing in gene therapy

    - Deputy Editor of Molecular Therapy (Official Journal of American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy) (2010-Present) - Associated Editors of BMC Cancer (2010-Present), Cancer Gene Therapy (2013-Present), Oncolytic Virotherapy (2017-Present) - Editorial Board Member of Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews (2016-Present) - Editorial Member of 10 other international academic journals

  • Global competence - Adjunct Professor of international universities and board member of domestic and international conferences

    - Adjunct Professor of University of Utah in USA & University of Washington in USA - Adjunct professor of Sichuan University in China - Member of National Academy Engineering of Korea - Faculty Member, American Association of Gene and Cell Therapy - Board Members of International Society of Cancer Gene Therapy Asian Pacific Consortium of Gene and Cell Therapy - International Advisory Board Member of Oxford Centre for Drug Delivery Devices

  • Capacity to commercialize source technology

    - Technology transferred to NASDAQ-listed company, 2016 - Technology transfer to USA-based bioventure, 2016 - 12 other technology transfers

  • Developed original technology contributing to the global preoccupation of technology

    - Nature Medicine, JNCI, PNAS, ADDR and ETC (226 journals) - Foreign Patent Approval (112 cases), Pending Foreign Patents (161 cases), Domestic Patent Approval (45 cases), Pending Domestic Patents (66 cases) - Development of New Concepts of vector system through the Multi-disciplinary/Fusion Technology - Overcoming the shortcomings of vector & significantly improving safety and therapeutic effectiveness - Actively publish papers on related technologies in international journals

  • Active involvement in domestic and international research grants through careful research planning

    - Multiple research and development grants from Ministry of Industry and Trade, National Korea Research Foundation, Ministry of Health, Ministry of SMEs and Startups - USA NIH RO1 grant, Japan Momotaro-Gene Compnay Funding, Saudi Arabia Umm Al-Gura University, Australia Australian Research Council Discovery Project

  • Capacity to fuse multidisciplinary bodies through serving as a consultant of national agency and industry

    - Expert adviser of KDFA pharmacist deliberation committee - Expert of technology evaluation for Ministry of Science and Technology - Adviser of Korea Institute of Science & Technology Evaluation and Planning and 7 other institutes